I fell into a baby snuggle black hole…



Well, I disappeared from the blog for a few days there… Where was I?

B & A 2

The short answer is that B and I headed to Indy to meet my new niece and B’s new cousin. While there I was rarely online and we were both in full on relaxation mode. Something about newborn baby snuggles make it easy to ignore everything else for most of each day!!

The long answer to is that I’ve been thinking about how the first few weeks of preschool have gone and what types of adjustments I’d like   to make moving forward. My intention all along was that this summer would be a “pilot” of the Teacher Tour Guide curriculum and that I’d hopefully work out any major kinks by fall.

B & A

Over the past week, while snuggling cousin A and driving to and from Indy, I’ve given a lot of thought to how things are going. Overall, I think the big idea of Teacher Tour Guide is working. B clearly enjoys our school experiences and is learning from them. One “tour” per week seems to be an appropriate pace for our family. And, despite my recent absence, blogging each Tuesday and Thursday about our experiences has given me an appropriate – but not overwhelming – opportunity to reflect.

However, there are a few things I’d like to improve. There are some minor (I hope) blog/tech changes to make. More importantly, there are a few curriculum issues I’d like to address.

These initial weeks have lacked any sort of cohesive focus. We’ve largely followed the week-to-week whims of various summer happenings. I’ve appreciated the flexibility and the ability to respond to B’s interests with school… but it’s clear that a bit more advance planning on my part would improve our experience; and we can still be as flexible as we need to be as long as I’m willing to revise plans as we go along.

My other concern is that this blog doesn’t truly reflect the full scope of B’s daily learning. It would – of course – be impossible to share everything we do and all the learning that takes place in B’s world. That said, I’d like to share more about the diversity of learning that takes place throughout each week. Our tours and the related activities really only represent a brief snapshot of our time. I’m a strong believer that play is the most important way for young children to learn. In reading my first few weeks of posts, that belief doesn’t come through as strongly as I might like. I’m currently considering how to better share with you my beliefs about learning through play and daily routine.

This Thursday I’ll (finally) post a reflection of our trip to the Field Museum. After that, I’ll plan to take a week away from our typical school schedule to share some additional big picture thoughts and to do some long-term planning behind the scenes. I may post some of my thoughts, if they’re cohesive enough to share at that point but no guarantees.

Feedback is so helpful so please let me know if you have any thoughts about how to make this curriculum and blog more appropriate and useful!


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