Reflecting on our failed trip to the shoe store

Well, the shoe store outing was a failure on a few levels.

The most glaring failure… the fact that I haven’t yet blogged about it 2 weeks later!  We’ve been traveling, sick and dealing with family issues.  To be honest, I consider it a small victory that I’m getting this post up in September – but I’m also embarrassed and realize that I suck as a blogger right now!  I am committed to blogging more regularly moving forward… although I’m not making any specific promises as the month of September was a big reminder of how much I cannot control.  To make it up to you, my readers (is there anyone still there??) I have some fun plans for the blog in the near future – including a giveaway and a guest post!

So, now to the other failure… Betsy still does not have boots!  We set aside an afternoon for boot shopping.  We went to Target, to Famous Footwear, to Payless, and to Carters… nothing.  Apparently girls boots are a hot commodity and sell out instantly.  Betsy tried on some fireman boots in the “boy” section at Carters that I could easily get excited about… but she didn’t like them.  She also tried on some girly Minnie Mouse boots at Payless that she was excited about but the didn’t fit well, were priced high, and seemed cheap… I didn’t like them.  I figured we’d keep our eyes out in errands moving forward, as well as place an ISO (in search of) post on our local facebook garage sale…  we’re still looking.

boot shopping

Despite these failures, the shopping trip was successful in regards to some of my learning objectives.  Before shopping, we cleaned our closets of any shoes that didn’t fit.  These included most of B’s shoes… and some of mine as well.  (Confession, I’m still  holding onto a lot of pre-pregnancy clothing items 3 years later in hopes of wearing them again…. not gonna happen, especially with the shoes.)  Betsy had a ball trying to squeeze her feet into her too small discarded shoes, as well as trying to balance in some of my too-big-for-her, too-small-for-me heels.  We checked out the collection – looked at the sizes on labels, compared sizes, matched pairs of shoes, and generally made an afternoon of exploring shoes.  So fun!

Once at the store – particularly Payless, which had a big selection of highly engaging light up and sparkly shoes – B and I had fun measuring her feet and trying on a variety of shoes.  It didn’t take long before she was competently seeking out the number ‘8’ to find shoes that would fit her best.

So, the search for some fall boots continues…  and the learning that goes with it can continue through the season as well.  I guess that’s not such a failure!


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