Reflecting on our trip to the library

We started our school journey last week with a visit to the library. Before going, I talked with B about how this was a special library visit because it is the start of her preschool. She was excited… but she’s always excited to visit the library!


In advance of our visit, I had placed holds on two of the books I recommended in the library planning post – Library Lion and Lola at the Library. When we arrived B returned our previous stack of books – a favorite job – and then we proceeded to the children’s section. She picked a variety of books and filled her bag and then asked to read. We read the two books about libraries.

The first, Library Lion was a hit. Although B was somewhat distracted by other kids in the children’s section, she really enjoyed the story and was asking questions and making comments throughout. We compared the illustrations to what we saw in our own library and found many similarities. She also learned the term “circulation desk,” GREAT vocabulary! (we had previously called it the “check out”)

Next, we read Lola at the Library. Once again, B really enjoyed the book. She was particularly drawn to the idea of visiting the library every Tuesday, as she’s shown some interest in days of the week lately (thanks to – of all things – this book).  However, we ran into a bit of a snag… and  I feel compelled to warn other parents. In the book, Lola and her mother go for juice and cappuccino after the library. I love that idea and so did B. We’ve had similar “dates” at a coffee shop on many occasions and we discussed how we might do that sometime after the library just like Lola and her mother. However, our visit on this day was just before dinner and therefore not a good time to visit a coffee shop… B was bummed, and she let me know about it.


We quickly checked out and left the library because our visit was going downhill fast. The teacher in me was disappointed that our first official “school” experience had ended in whining and complaints. The parent in me recognizes that B is a young 3-year-old who was hungry and excited. Setting limits is part of my job and I’m happy she’s comfortable enough to let me know when she’s mad about it and to then work through it and move one, as she did.

By the time we got home, B was happy as a clam again and she camped out on the couch eating a snack and reading all of her new library books while I made dinner. We also read several of the library books at bedtime, just like Lola and her mother.


The next morning, I suggested that we continue our school experience with some journaling about our visit to the library. I showed B the special PINK binder that I had purchased for her and filled with blank paper. We sat down at her art table and opened to the first page. We looked through the photos I had taken during our library visit and talked about what we saw and did.


B drew a picture of a book, and dictated to me about looking for books at the library. I wrote her words on a post it and read them back to her. She was thrilled! She danced around the living room and asked to do more school.

"I put some polka dots in a book.  I was thinking about I was picking out books."

“I put some polka dots in a book. I was thinking about I was picking out books.”

Overall, our first week of preschool was a success!

Have you visited the library lately?  Or a coffee shop?  Does your kiddo love coffee shops as much as mine does?!







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  • Hi! I love what you are doing with B! My homeschooling experience with A started out in much the same way. I think your blog is great and will be helpful for you to reflect and remember, plus helpful for other moms and teachers. Thanks for sharing!

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