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I’m Katie, the author of this blog and the teacher behind Teacher Tour Guide.  Read more about me… and my sweet little family… here on my about page.  I also share the story behind this blog in greater detail here, in my very first post.

An Overview of the Teacher Tour Guide Curriculum:

For a very detailed description of this curriculum – and the thoughts behind it – read this post.  If you’d like a quick and dirty explanation, just scroll down….

1. Each school week my daughter and I visit somewhere – our “tour.”  This might be the grocery store, the zoo, a concert, a park…. it varies and is ever changing!

2. Before our visit, we plan for what we will see and do while on tour.  As part of our planning B and I explore books related to our tour at the local library.  I also write a blog post describing my plans (or perhaps “hopes” is a more appropriate word… this is preschool after all!) for B’s learning.

3. After our tour, we reflect on what we did on tour and what we learned.  My daughter keeps a journal, a binder full of blank paper, in which she draws and then dictates her memories to me.  I store my reflections here on the blog.

Here’s how to Navigate the Teacher Tour Guide Website:

  • If you’d like a detailed overview, feel free to start at my 1st post (Where this all began) and click “next post” at the bottom of each article until you read your way to my most recent post.


  • The Suggested Books page serves as an index of sorts (note that, for now anyway, it’s chronological, rather than alphabetical.  If you’d like to search for specific topics, I list each of our tours and the corresponding books on this page.  If you click on the name of the tour – for example, “Our Trip to the Library” you’ll be directed towards the corresponding planning post.  You can then easily click “next post” at the bottom to get to the related reflection post.




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