3 Suggested Books

Favorite Parenting Books

I read SO many parenting books while pregnant and during B’s early days.  This was my favorite.  In my opinion, the title is a misnomer as most of the “rules” apply throughout early childhood, ages 0-8.  I read the first edition, the author has since added a chapter on sleep, which I have not read.

Favorite Children’s Books

This is a cute book about two rabbits, one drawn and one cut from paper, who develop a friendship.  B picks it out at the library over and over again… and I rarely tire of reading.  

This book is out of print but many used copies are still available.  It is about a child hosting friends at his house.  The characters prepare a snack, decide how to deal with sharing toys, and work through minor conflicts over toys.  This book gave our family some easy, appropriate guidelines to use when sharing toys with others and we often re-read it in preparation for play dates or other situations when we anticipate sharing might be a challenge.

Books used in the Teacher Tour Guide Curriculum 

Our Trip to the Library

Our Trip to the Grocery Store

Our Northwoods Vacation

Our Trip through the Car Wash

  • Car Wash by Sandra Steen and Susan Steen

Our Trip to the Playground

Another Trip to the Playground, with friends

Boot shopping at the Shoe Store

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